SouLutions -

Peter Young Jazz Fm ''Listen is the Sound Of this Summer''

Bill buckley from the Soul, Jazz and Funk web site  site wrote - "There is no doubt. SOULUTIONS are the hottest soul act of the 2014." Their irresistible 'Listen' has taken the soul world by storm and the fab Drizabone mix of the song rightly and proudly sits atop every credible soul chart. The infectious 'Listen' is starting to make an impact Stateside too and after a quick listen to some of the band's other songs – notably a magnificent 'Philly Line' - it's clear that Soulutions are no one trick.  

Paul Miller from  BBC Radio said It will be a classic in 20 years time! Fantastic Tune!!! 

John Leach from BBC Radio said it was one of his favourites played on his  Radio show in 2014. 

Gary Spence from Solar Radio did the first Radio interview when the song reached #1 on the Radio Stations Sweet Rhythms Chart for 5 weeks,  he  also said also it was one of his favorite songs of the year. 

Gary Spence enjoying a hug from Steve and Louise at Campsoul.

Andy Jackson
The Modern Soul Scene in the UK is blessed with many people who know a good tune when a DJ spins it out. On my long running radio show Infiniti which airs on I have the pleasure of putting these tunes to the listeners ears and feet when out on the decks. 2014 was truly a great year for nu soul but when the Infiniti listeners were asked to vote for the best artist of the year they chose Soulutions. For me ‘Listen’ was the most requested track of the year not just by Modern fans but the Northern Soul family loved it as well. The combination of a soulful vocal, beat for the feet, retro feel and pleasing production is a winner.  Infiniti listeners are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming album. As a footnote this is the first time a UK act has won our annual listeners poll.