The new CD single from SouLutions is now available to pre-order from the music store page. Release date is Friday 8th March. Be the first to purchase the CD and get your copy personally signed by Louise and Steve.


The new single from SouLutions 

Number ONE in the Solar Radio Sweet Rhythms Chart


 Summer Edits EP now available to download from this website in the music store. A selection of tracks that have been mixed by the legendary John Morales, Blazing Encore and the North East of England's very own Bside45. The EP will be download only and will only be available from the SouLutions Music page. 

SouLutions  are proud to have these wonderfully talented people working on their music " what these guys do is incredible, they are masters of their art. Their imaginations have no bounds" Steve.

See below for a run down on these talented individuals.


John Morales

Is one of the most recognized names in dance music history, as a Remixer/Producer/Dj. Mixing and producing some of the biggest dance music tracks of all time, as well as DJ’ing at some of the most famous and prestigious venues in the world. 

John Morales has become one of the most in demand and respected Dj’s in 2017, he has  toured Australia, New Zealand and countries around the world , John has his r Glitterbox 2018 at Hi in Ibiza and Ministry Of Sound London.  John will also be performing at various festivals in 2018 Including Defected Croatia , Southport Weekender, and 51st State in London to name a few. 

Hi’s  production release schedule will be extensive for 2018, and 2017 was capped with the eagerly anticipated and successful  M+M Mix’s Vol IV .  2018 a very exciting year for the M+M family. 

Recent Published Quote… 

In music, and especially in underground music, the word “legend” is thrown around to the point where it loses all meaning. 

What is a legend? It’s someone who broke the mold – someone whose sounds, techniques – even his style – changed things forever. It’s a pioneer that everyone who followed after emulated, whether consciously or not. 

In dance music, the person you’re talking about is John Morales.

- Tom Moulton 

"When I started DJ’ing in the early eighties, there were already a lot of remixers, but only a few kept my attention. John Morales was one of the names I was looking out for on a record label. He was always taking a song to a more exciting level. The tricks and techniques of his remixes stood the test of time and are part of today's dance music arsenal. It's about time there is a collection of his work so we can finally have his best mixes as well as some outstanding unreleased material, remastered by today's standards" 

- Dimitri from Paris 

“John is an unsung hero in the music world and without his participation many of the hits from Greg and others would never have come to fruition.  His modesty has kept him from the acclaim that he deserves.  I've known him for over 35 years...” 

- Bob Blank (Blank Tapes Studio NYC)


Blazing Encore

I'm a veteran jazz funker living in the leafy suburbs of London and have been listening and collecting soul, dance and jazz for the past 45 years and is a very important part of my life. Inspired by listening to some of the great tracks, mixes and re-edits that are currently out there I figured I should do something with all the music I have amassed and which I love and adore 

I started remixing in August 2011though never intentionally set out to be a ‘remixer’ and it was purely curiosity that led me on this journey. I don’t class myself as a remixer….more a wannabe producer with ideas above his station! 

I have been truly humbled by the following I receive and so very grateful for being given the opportunity by talented artists to let me give a different flavour to their sounds. 

Let the music live. 

Peace and love.



A long-time music tinkerer, DJ, first time remixer (if that's an appropriate moniker) from the North East of England, working with the fabulous SouLutions to add a different dimension to a few of their already awesome tunes … no easy task! There's always been a want to find out how everyday things work that eventually transpired into music and its workings. With a loan from the bank of Mam and Dad (being 16/17 years old at the time earning a paltry YTS wage, it was necessary) and some expensive kit later, that road of discovery ensued along with a DJing sideline for quite a few years. 

Almost 30 years later and still not musically trained (apart from a brief spell with a trumpet in Junior school – but always wanted to play the drums!), it was a great surprise and daunting to be approached by Steve Lee (at a SouLutions gig of all places) asking to 'remix' some of the songs appearing on the then upcoming album - Thankful. Almost a year in the making, the results are finally here and can only hope they have done Lou's amazing voice and the SouLutions brand justice. Without being too cheesy, to be 'Thankful' for the opportunity to work with such a great, very funny, deserving couple in Lou and Steve is an understatement – cheers!